What Is Low level laser therapy?

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is the non-invasive use of light in the visible and near infrared spectrum for photobiomodulation to enhance healing and to reduce pain. It does not use high energy radiation such as that used in X-rays or surgical lasers.


Treats the underlying pathology
Reduces pain and inflammation
Reduces the need for drugs and surgery
Reduces wound healing time up to 50%
No known or documented adverse side-effects

What can be treated?

Organ damage and disease
Neurological conditions
Musculoskeletal conditions


Damage can occur if the laser is shined into eyes
All people in the area should wear protective glasses if a Class III or stronger laser is being used
The eyes of pets must be avoided
Use of light treatment does not cause cancer, but may stimulate it
Generally, areas with tumors are not treated, although some benefits for stimulating the immune system have been found
Light spectrum image
LLLT uses light in the red and near infrared spectrum at 405 to 1,064 nanometers, and primarily 660 to 904 nanometers.

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