History of Low level laser therapy

The effectiveness of LLLT for healing was discovered in the late 1960s. Further research and clinical trials led to FDA approval in 2002 for human and veterinary use for relief of muscle and joint pain, stiffness associated with arthritis, pain from muscle spasms, hand and wrist pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, lower back pain, and wound healing. Because its primary action is to normalize cell function that has been hampered through disease or injury, it has little effect on normal cells. There is a "sweet spot" for the amount of energy delivered. At the sweet spot, cellular activity is stimulated. Beyond the sweet spot, cellular activity can be inhibited. It is a safe, effective, non-invasive treatment.

In my practice, I use LLLT to treat a range of conditions and injuries ranging from flesh wounds to muscular and skeletal problems. If your pet is exhibiting symptoms similar to those listed in the conditions detailed on my web site, it is likely that I can help your pet heal safely and quickly with LLLT.