Dr. Frank Pearsall


Dr. Frank Pearsall graduated from Princeton University and the first class at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech. He has been both a large and small animal practitioner, and spent 24 years as VMRCVM administrative faculty. He is the current President of the Southwest Virginia Veterinary Medical Association. He is a member of NAALT (North American Association of Laser Therapy). He has been mentored by the immediate past-President of NAALT and attended continuing education by some of the world's leading clinicians, researchers, MDs, DVMs, and PhDs in light therapy. These individuals include the following.


Liisa Laakso, PhD

Past-President of World Association of Laser Therapy and Head of Physiotherapy in the School of Allied Health Sciences at Griffith University, Australia

Lars Hode, PhD physicist

President and founder of Swedish Laser-Medical Society and author

Roberta Chow, MD, FRACGP PhD

President of Australian Medical Laser Association and private practitioner working exclusively in pain medicine

Tiina Karu, PhD in Photochemistry & Biophysics

Currently Head of the Laboratory of Laser Biology and Medicine of the Russian Academy of Sciences and is recognized as the world's leading researcher in the cellular effects of laser irradiation

Dr. Richard Godine, DVM

Past-President of North American Association of Photobiomodulation Therapy, practicing veterinarian, and past-President of Virginia Veterinary Medical Association