Practice Description

Low Level Light Therapy is the non-invasive use of light in the visible and near infrared spectrum for photo-bio-modulation to enhance healing and to reduce pain. It does not use high energy radiation such as is used in X-rays or surgical lasers.

Why I Began

Vet Laser Therapy was started in 2015 by Dr. Frank Pearsall of Blacksburg, Virginia, a veterinarian of 31 years, to make therapeutic laser services conveniently available to a broader range of veterinary clients in Southwest Virginia. This is offered through a mobile practice model treating companion animals in veterinary practices without lasers and in clients' homes or stables. This model is combined with a partnership with you, the pet owner, so that you can become involved in the treatment process. This partnership approach makes treatment more convenient and cost-effective, thereby also making more frequent treatments possible. All of this speeds and eases the healing process.

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is one of the fastest growing new technologies in veterinary medicine. But it is not inexpensive for a veterinarian to offer, so many practices do not have lasers or the training to use them yet. Additionally, since in most cases a series of treatments is needed, returning to the veterinary office or having a doctor return to your home repeatedly can become an expensive challenge.

How it works

I first assess your animal's status and develop a treatment plan. I will then begin with one or more treatments in the first week until a path for further treatment is clear. Then, provided you are willing and able, you can continue the treatments at home using one of my handheld lasers. These units are very simple to use and because they are much lower power, are very safe and do not even require protective eyewear. The downside is that treatment with these lower power Class I units takes minutes vs. seconds, but since you can do it at home, it still should be quicker and more convenient, and certainly less expensive. This also makes it possible to provide your pet daily or even twice daily treatments which can greatly speed the healing process. At an agreed time, usually a week, I will do a follow-up exam to see what further treatments, if any, are appropriate.

The overall goal is to manage your pet's problem with a non-invasive therapy, with no side-effects, with reduced need for any pain medications, and possibly to address what would normally be surgical cases without surgery.

Serving the I-81 Corridor from Roanoke to Wytheville and the New River Valley communities of Blacksburg, Christiansburg, and Radford, and the Roanoke River Valley communities of Roanoke, Salem, and Vinton.